Monthly Archives: October 2009

It’s Cold Up North

The CRTC released its long awaited decision last week on Network Neutrality in Canada and specifically set forth a framework for the continued use of Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs), also known as throttling.  While the decision does not go as far as many consumer advocates would like, I believe it does provide a means […]

The Internet Civil Rights Act of 2009

I was recently invited to participate in a workshop sponsored by the GIIC, an organization of telecom and technology executives who ponder large scale Internet and information infrastructure questions.   The purpose of this workshop was to consider changes to the Internet infrastructure that would allow cost transparency, an upgrade to the Internet platform that could […]

Changing the game with μTP

μTP or “micro-Transport Protocol” is a new protocol from BitTorrent, Inc. that is at the heart of the new major release of our popular BitTorrent clients “μTorrent” and “BitTorrent Mainline”. It is going to be available as the default transport mechanism in both μTorrent v2.0 and BitTorrent v7.0. So what’s the big deal? And why […]

Net Neutrality (CRTC-style)

In light of the FCC’s recently proposed rulemaking around Network Neutrality, many of you might have missed a similarly lively debate in Canada a few weeks back around the traffic management practices of Canadian ISPs. Over a week of public hearings, there were some astonishing revelations around the practice of throttling BitTorrent and other P2P […]

BitTorrent is …

This is the first post of our new blog from employees at BitTorrent, Inc. Our intent is to inform and participate in ongoing discussions about BitTorrent, but also to broaden those discussions to other topics that we find interesting and exciting. BitTorrent-the-company The word “BitTorrent” means many things to many people – to us it […]