BitTorrent Hackathon This Thursday

Over the past several months we have been busy building Apps for µTorrent. Apps are completely optional, and are a way to give users easy access to additional services and features around media. Most recently, we announced the general availability of the Apps for BitTorrent software developer kit (SDK) as well as launched the Apps for µTorrent Developer Challenge. (By the way, have you submitted your App?!)

Since we are so excited about Apps and exposing the platform to developers, we are going to hold a Hackathon on Thursday, Aug. 5, 6-8 p.m., at the Citizen Space in San Francisco. This will be an opportunity for developers to learn how to download and install the BitTorrent Apps SDK and begin coding on the spot. Also, BitTorrent developers will be on hand to answer questions and help you develop or optimize your App for µTorrent.

There will also be some folks from BitTorrent who will be leading lightning talks to help you learn all about the Apps platform and what Apps mean for BitTorrent users. Among those slated to speak are:

– Bram Cohen, co-founder and chief scientist
– Simon Morris, vice president of products and marketing
– Thomas Rampelberg, software engineer

As if the event couldn’t get any better, we will be offering free pizza and beer too. Space is limited and tickets are going fast, so mark your calendars and reserve your spot today! Also, don’t forget to bring your laptop to the event.

– Simon –

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  1. Leslie H
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 11:14 am | Permalink | Reply

    I have been trying to find a place to post this recomendation, or request for an idea… is it possible to create an port scanner built into your programs so that we arent just guessing which ports to apply to get the best downloads, rather than just a random port… a port scanner such as that in Net Tools 5 at
    I have spent hours trying to get an open port using your random port finder… and using the port scanner, found a number of open ports in just a couple of minutes. I would apprecate a response to this to see if it is possible… and if it is a consideration worth adopting, and or will adopted soon. Leslie

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