Pioneer One Episode 2 Premieres

For all you Pioneer One fans anxiously awaiting the next episode in the made for BitTorrent series, today is the day. Pioneer One Episode 2 is here!  We’ve partnered with our friends at VODO again to bring you this award-winning sci-fi drama for free, which is in part to your generous donations along with sponsorship support from VeriSign’s .TV made it happen.

Episodes one and two may be downloaded immediately via a custom app within BitTorrent Mainline and μTorrent App Studio; or download the torrent via VODO here.

If you haven’t seen the Pioneer One pilot (released in June), we highly recommend you check it out. It’s a great series, and we encourage you to support filmmakers who are embracing new digital distribution models.

We’d also like to thank everyone in the broader BitTorrent community whose incredible support resulted in today’s release. Over a million of you downloaded the film, and your direct contributions to the filmmakers totaled about $33,000. Your donations are proving that this alternative digital distribution model is working, and both fans and artists are benefitting.

Future episodes are already in production, so stay tuned! You can also subscribe to Pioneer One’s email newsletter for updates. And don’t forget to follow Pioneer One on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a creator you may be thinking, “How do I feature my content on BitTorrent?” Musicians and filmmakers are invited to submit their works for the chance to be spotlighted to millions of BitTorrent users around the world as part of BitTorrent’s Featured Artist Pilot Program. This is how we are doing our part to bring great content to our users, while also giving emerging artists the chance to build a fan base through the App Studio.

– Jordy –

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